"Sarah Reeder was a pleasure to work with. Originally, we hired her to create an Insurance Appraisal of inherited antique furniture. Not only did she provide an in-depth and thorough appraisal, she found some fascinating stories behind our antiques and gave us a better personal appreciation for family heirlooms.

Sarah's report provided her background and qualifications, a detailed explanation of her work, and a thorough explanation of all the items she studied. She listed the origins, medium, style, dimensions, time period, condition, and provenance of each piece. She took great photos of each item, with photos highlighting details. She also provided an appraised value of each item.

The report also included very specific information that involved many hours of research on Sarah’s part. We were particularly thrilled to learn that she was able to identify the family our painted blanket chest was created for, as well as the county the family lived in. Not only that, but she found reference in a book stating that two of these chests were painted for the particular family. The book showed a picture of a chest identical to ours, but with a different family member’s name. We had no idea our piece was so unique.

It was a joy to inspect each item with Sarah. She noticed details in craftsmanship we had not noticed after living with them for years. She took the time to ask about the sentimental value and story behind each family piece. We now love and appreciate our family heirlooms even more."

S Winter, 

Charlottesville, VA


"It was my great fortune to hire Sarah Reeder to appraise an artifact prior to a move this past summer. I found Ms. Reeder through the Appraisers Association of America website listing of accredited appraisers. From my first phone call with her, it was obvious that she is passionate about her work and extremely professional. Ms. Reeder visited my home to evaluate the item and provided me with a comprehensive report that included a thorough description and photos of the artifact, detailed information about its history and historical significance, and a description of all the experts she contacted and other sources used to appraise its value.

Based on her findings, I decided that my best option was to loan the item to an interested museum. At this point, Ms. Reeder became invaluable to me, offering to reach out to appropriate museums on my behalf. Her combination of industry knowledge and personal contacts resulted in the identification of two potential museums and her on-going advice was spot-on in terms of what to consider in making my decision. I am thrilled with the outcome and convinced this never would have happened without her support and expertise. Sarah Reeder has my highest recommendation. If you have an antique or other artifact you need appraised, she is THE person to call!"

R Norris
McLean, Virginia

"We hired Sarah Reeder, owner of Artifactual History Appraisal, for estate appraisals and to appraise a family historical heirloom.  Sarah’s passion for her profession, and due diligence in research and preparing the final appraisal report far exceeded our expectations.  She included numerous photos, a fully researched written appraisal, economic data pursuant to the silver antiques market and much more.  We highly recommend Ms. Reeder for your appraisal needs.  She is the ultimate professional and is superbly qualified by experience and her academic credentials."

K-Alexandria, Virginia